Special Teacher Incentives

A Year Supply of "Perfect Attendance" Brag Tags

Tags for Your Class, Customized with Your Name!

A year supply of Perfect Attendance Brag Tags for your class, customized with your name. 300 Brag Tags, 25 of each month for $60 plus shipping and tax where applicable. Chains not included.

Free Customizing!!

"Back To School" Brag Tags

Brag Tags for Classroom Rewards!

Are you looking for new classroom ideas for Back To School? Try Brag Tags for classroom rewards, great student incentives! I Have a special Back To School package 90 tags (3 designs) and 30-30″ Ball Chain Necklaces for $29.99 plus shipping. Give Brag Tags a try, your students will love them!

Student Award Ideas

(Not your typical Dog Tag for Kids!)

These brag tags are made with 10mil Teslin paper and laminated with a 20mil extra bonded laminate. That makes these brag tags 30mil thick. Think of your frequent buyers, that what these brag tags look and feel like. They are tough durable and your student can collect them all year long!
If you don’t see something you like, either a color or subject matter let me know and I’ll design it for you at no additional cost to you!